Walking around Tokyo

Barneys New York Shibuya

I visited a newly opened Barneys store in Shibuya. It was small but fun. I got a mint green cape there. It is refre...
Japanese Food

At a Drug Store

Hi, this is Sarah in Tokyo. When you come to Japan, please visit a large drug store. It is very convenient. You ...
Walking around Tokyo

Short Trip to Shiba-Koen, Tokyo

I enjoyed an overnight trip to Shiba-Koen, Tokyo in December. It was a nice short trip. First, I visited Zojoji whic...
Walking around Tokyo

Short Trip to Tsukiji

Though Tsukiji Fish Market was relocated to Toyosu, Tsukiji is still a fun place to visit. I enjoyed a beautiful au...
Japanese Food

No. 1 Japanese Rice Snack Kakinotane

I love sweets in food section at a department store as I wrote before. I also love snacks at a convenience and super...

English Kabuki-Makeup Video

Otozo ONOE, a young kabuki actor, show his kabuki-makeup process on YouTube with speaking in English. That is great. ...
Japanese Rice Wine, Sake

Japanese Rice Wine, Ryokuinkoshaku (Leafy Shade Aromatic Sake)

Ryokuinkoshaku is sake (Japanese rice wine), literally meaning "leafy shade aromatic sake." As the name suggests, the ...

Kabuki-Makeup Video by the Kabuki Star. Part 1

Hi! This is Sarah in Tokyo. Are you interested in kabuki-makeup? Koshiro Matsumoto, one of the kabuki stars, made th...
Japanese Sweets

Refreshing Appearance of Japanese Sweets

Japanese traditional sweets taste good and looks refreshing.

Kabuki is Fun

Kabuki is a Japanese traditional performing art. Though it is traditional, it is casual, not solemn.
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