No. 1 Japanese Rice Snack Kakinotane

Japanese Food

I love sweets in food section at a department store as I wrote before.

I also love snacks at a convenience and supermarket store. You can find Kakinotane at those stores anywhere in Japan.

Kaki-no-tane, literally meaning persimmon seeds, includes rice snacks looking like persimmon seeds and peanuts.

My favorites are umeshiso (Japanese ume plum and Japanese basil roll) flavor and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) flavor, in addition to the original. Both are a bit spicier than the original one.

I have eaten three 6×1 bags ever since I came up with the idea of this article. The picture is the fourth one. I can not stop eating Kakinotane once I open it.

Wasabi Flavored Kakinotane
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